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The new and unique choice about cotton yarns!

What is Ecotec

Ecotec is the trademark which represents a production cycle exclusive to Marchi & Fildi, which is tottally traceable and made in italy using 100% pre-dyed remnants from the textile industries, therefore also pre-consumer, to be transformed into yarns suitable for the production of woven textiles for clothing, upholsery, jersey knits, flat-knitted products, hosiery and carpeting; all of the highest quality and with a high level of added value as a result of the guaranteed excellence of the Marchi & Fildi system.

Its Uniqueness

Ecotec products distinguish themselves through their great versatility, beauty, innovation, performance and quality at 360° ; ECOTEC™ does not only offer state­of­the­art systems in comparison to conventional ones, but as a result of the innovative production system, it is able to add and offer a new generation of advantages and values; values which reach out and speak not only to trade customers, but also to the endconsumer.

Ecotec, a 100% MADE IN ITALY cycle, is totally transparent and traceable, many of ECOTEC yarns are available through a FULL STOCK SERVICE in a wide range of colours, confirming the MARCHI & FILDI strategy with regard to responsible innovation, and it is truly «for everyday living »;

Ecotec generates yarns with a molecular structure such that the resulting product is able to stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter;

Ecotec does not use new cotton fibres which must be imported and processed, because its production requires solely pre­customer off­cuts from the textile industry. This means the elimination of many production phases resulting in a significant reduction of consumption in terms of water, energy, pesticides (in the case of conventional cotton), fertilisers and transport costs.

Ecotec starts the production cycle using pre­dyed off­cuts meaning a further saving on water, energy and chemical agents. To dye 1 kg of cotton yarn requires 112 litres of water and an average consumption of 8.95 kW of electricity

Ecotec eliminates the waste disposal of such off­cuts in public incinerators. Such off­cuts are a precious raw material for this technological innovation, which would otherwise weigh heavily in financial and environmental terms.

In the framework of a unique offer, MARCHI & FILDI is making its research facilities available with a «pilot plant » dedicated to joint venture projects with selected market partners.

LAST BUT NOT LEAST, ECOTEC is will be offered on the market at prices which are well in line with those for products where the manufacture involves using conventional systems.

How to

Become a Partner

The following are the requirements to become an Ecotec partner

The company must be an approved marchi & fildi partner, see attached form.

The company must be ECOTEC accredited and must promote products which respect the ECOTEC branding policy see attached form.

The company must subscribe to an ECOTEC membership with a fee of €1,500 EURO as a single disbursement, see attached form.

package for

Accredited Partners

The following services and materials will be made available to the accredited ECOTEC partner:

_ Permission to use the ECOTEC trademark, always in collaboration with MARCHI & FILDI;

_ The following ECOTEC promotional materials will be made available: labels, BROCHUREs, show cards;

_ Communications will be made in all of the press activities where ECOTEC is promoted at an international level;

_ Inclusion in all the ECOTEC promotional activities carried out at an international level;

_ Inclusion in all the ECOTEC promotional and communication spaces/events to be carried out in the future;

_ The role of preferred partner in services related to the product.




  • Count: NM 1/26
  • Composition: 50% Ecotec - 40% Cotton - 10% Cachemire
  • Colours: Available in 17 colours.


  • Count: NM 1/13,5 - NM 1/20
  • Composition: 80% Ecotec - 20% Cotton
  • Colours: Available in 70 colours stock service.


  • Count: NM 1/34
  • Composition: 65% Ecotec - 35% Cotton
  • Colours: Available in 40 colours stock service.


  • Count: NM 1/50
  • Composition: 65% Lenzing Modal by Edelweiss - 35% Ecotec
  • Colours: Available in 12 colours.

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